Sara kate suggested i start with this basic mayonnaise recipe from the french duke's mayo beats hellman's hands-down, any day, if you're looking for disgusting patterned.
Copycat Recipe For Dukes Mayo

may 24

Copycat recipes. photo of keisha burleson keisha burleson.
  Well, kinda like a mixture of mayo and mustard. just about i found several copycat recipes on the net but this one works best for me. by susie.  

Sep 15, 2006 i got this recipe from a cookbook called hometown cooking with i did it exactly( even used dukes mayo) but it was very runny and bubbly.

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Rinko Kawauchi: Book Signing and Reception

Book Signing

Rinko Kawauchi: Book Signing and Reception

Aperture Gallery and Bookstore, New York, NY

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Opening Reception: Jason Evans

Opening Reception

Opening Reception: Jason Evans

Aperture Gallery and Bookstore, New York, NY

Thursday, May 23, 2013